The dissertation fellowship is a program which supports the final year students in Ph.D. The dissertation project explains to the students how to do research. There are several institutions which allow selecting the topic and doing research. Most students select that topic, which makes them comfortable in research and writing. The American Association of university women dissertation fellowship includes several seminaries and instructions which help the students to write the dissertation without taking any stress.

The dissertation fellowship has 5 things to be considered, which are given below:


The dissertation fellowship candidates must be the applicant for a Ph.D. degree. The degree of Ph.D. is accredited in high graduate school in the United States. All the applicants have to fulfill the dissertation requirement as it is the final semester. The applicants can start preparing a dissertation in starting, because, at the end of the dissertation submission, they may not face any problem.


All the applicants need to submit their documents at the deadline suppose 1 February. Keep a thing in mind that all the papers can be written in the format of PDF. The application includes:

  • Application information
    • Title of dissertation
    • Core question
    • Project summary
    • Use online form
  • Resume (less than 4 pages)
  • Prospectus
  • Bibliography
  • Documents
  • Recommendation (advisor letter dissertation and second letter dissertation)

Selection process

Every year the institute selects the best dissertation fellowship. It is not based on the single person all the committee members make a decision and then show the result. In some cases, if the applicants may not send their project, then the institution sends a mail as soon as possible. When the applicants receive the letter, then they send their project, and it makes it more difficult for the committee members to select the best, but they take the best and tough decision.


The time duration depends on the fees. All the students have to take care of their fees. In some circumstances, if they may not complete their fees, then it leads to late submission.


All the term and condition have to follow by the students for their fellowship. The institute didn’t allow any grantee because all the students are equal for the committee.

Thus, these are 5 elements which make a proper dissertation fellowship. Maintain all these aspects to get the admission in a top university.